Jesse Van Mouwerik
UX Design, Writing & Research

Jesse Van Mouwerik

UX Design, Research & Storytelling with a Unique Perspective.

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About Me

My name is Jesse.  I use UX design and a background in international relations to understand customer mindsets and craft better, more human-centered digital experiences. To that end, I engage with social, aesthetic, editorial, and conceptual problems by focusing not just on a product, but a process.

Empathize, Analyze, Visualize

Since moving from Portland, Oregon to Berlin, Germany in 2014, I have worked with startups, independent creatives, and larger German companies to improve online platforms and create better branded content with original tools, texts, visuals, and interfaces.  My focus is on empathizing with users, analyzing their needs, and creating visuals that help team members orient around the same ideas, concepts, and strategic goals.

 Supporting Better Design 

It's my firm belief that as digitization continues to impact more industries, people with backgrounds in design thinking and the social sciences must help new technologies evolve and adapt in ways that better reflect what people require them to provide.




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